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St Cuthbert's Catholic School

St Cuthbert's Catholic School

Catholic Life

St. Cuthbert's is a Catholic School with Christ at the centre of everything that happens here. All we do is informed by Gospel Values and the teachings of Jesus and our faith is central to the day-to-day life of the school.

We believe that a Catholic education focuses on the education of the whole child and develops the full potential of all young people, leading to their life-long activities being guided by the Spirit and presence of Christ, in the service of God and of others.

Our school is a place of love and learning, where all are equal in the eyes of God and treated with respect. We all have talents and strengths that we strive to nurture and develop, and Jesus is our guide to help us achieve our very best.                     

Pupils at St. Cuthbert's are encouraged to recognise the importance of their faith and they respond to all forms of Prayer and liturgy, through Collective Worship, with respect and reverence. We have a rich liturgical life in that the experiences we provide are wide ranging and take place in school, out of school, in Church and the wider community, and engage and involve pupils, parents, staff, governors and the parish.

Parents are the first educators of their child in faith and a strong home-school link is fundamental in supporting the school in its mission, “Letting the love of Jesus sine through in all that we think, say and do.” 


As Catholics, we have the opportunity to receive 7 sacraments.  The Sacraments are actions of God through which He shows us the love He has for us, His sons and daughters. Ultimately, God gave us the sacraments to give us grace and along with His love, He also gives us the necessary strength to work through the difficulties of life.

In Year 3 baptised children can receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation (confession) and the Eucharist. The Sacrament of Confirmation is offered to children in Year 6.


Reconciliation (First Confession)

This is one of the seven sacraments we receive as Catholics. As Catholics, we aim to receive this sacrament frequently (at least once a year). It is more widely known as Confession, when we confess our sins and failings and receive God’s forgiveness, grace and strength to do better in the future. Reception of this sacrament, for the first time, is prepared for in a parish preparation programme for children of Year 3 age and upwards, received shortly before their First Holy Communion. A regular participation in the Parish Sunday Mass and a commitment to the preparation programme is expected of all families of children embarking on such preparation. 


Eucharist (First Holy Communion)

This is a vitally important sacrament, known also as Holy Communion. In Holy Communion, we receive the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass as food and nourishment for the journey of life. Usually, children of Year 3 age and upwards, who have already made their First Confession, would be invited to go on to prepare for their First Holy Communion through the parish preparation programme. Again, regular participation in the Parish Sunday Mass and a commitment to the preparation programme is expected of each family of children embarking on such preparation. 



In Confirmation, young Catholics (Year 6 and upwards) are strengthened in their faith by the Holy Spirit and so become full members of the Catholic Church. This builds upon the seed of faith planted in baptism and is nourished by a committed life of faith expressed in frequent Confession and the Holy Eucharist.