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St Cuthbert's Catholic School

St Cuthbert's Catholic School

Nursery- St Joseph

Welcome to St Joseph's!

St Cuthbert's Catholic School, Carlisle 

Nursery Class. 

Our class is taught by Ms Astley

and Ms Robinson. Mr Blackley is our 

apprentice teaching assistant. Ms Belle 

works with our class at lunchtimes and

on Monday afternoons. 

Keeping in Touch

We use several ways of keeping in touch. 

You can follow us on Facebook to

see updates on what we are doing each day.

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We use Tapestry to share our learning

and adventures with parents. Parents will 

get an activation email shortly after joining. 

Please speak to our class teachers if you have

any problems signing in. 

St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School - Tapestry (


Class teachers handover with families daily. 

Please share any information with teachers during 


Continuous Provision


Our Early Years children learn through play.

Our carefully planned environment covers the 

six areas of learning. Our environment changes 

throughout the year and reflects the children's 

current needs and interests. 



Areas of Learning


Personal, social and emotional development

We learn independence skills in self care and to play co-operatively others. We learn to show care and concern for the world around us and to manage our

own feelings and emotions. 

Language and communication

We share lots of opportunities to develop our speaking skills and the

ability to speak in various situations.

We learn to listen and to understand other forms of communication.

We use simple BSL signs in our routines and songs. 


Physical development

We love to play outdoors, climbing over large obstacles and riding the bikes.

We dance together to help our co-ordination, balance and even our

handwriting. We build strength in our hands and refine out finger movements

to begin our journey as writers.  


We share stories everyday in Nursery. 

We often choose a favourite story and our teachers follow our interests. 

 We develop early writing skills and knowledge of text through our daily activities and our environment. 


We love to celebrate the maths we find in the world 

around us. We explore shape, space and measure

through our play. Numbers are our favourite thing and 

you will often hear us singing a number song and counting 

around the nursery.

Knowledge and understanding of the world.

We learn about lots of different places around the world. We explore the world around us and compare our city with others. We go on adventures on google maps and get outside to watch the changes throughout the year. You will always find us exploring our world and asking questions to find out about people and places around the world. 

Expressive arts and design

We dance, we sing, we paint and we imagine! 

We take our teachers on imaginative tours, from flying carpets

to the jungle to Moana's boat across the sea, there is always an adventure happening in Nursery. We focus on the process of building our creations and the enjoyment of the skills. We also make some fantastic pieces of art! 


We learn about how God made the world and we learn to take care of God's world and all the animals and plants there. We learn about the life of Jesus and we learn how to be kind and care for others as Jesus did. We do our daily prayers and we explore our prayer table in class. 

Forest School

We are able to use the forest school area during term times. 

We usually have to wear all our waterproofs and wellies, but we love to go 

down to forest school and explore!  


Nursery follow the first step to phonics in the Success for All phonics programme used throughout school.

We learn to listen for sounds, to identify different types of sounds and

we learn the alphabet chant. 

We even start learning some of our letters as we are ready during our time in nursery. 

The best thing about our phonics programme is we learn so much without

realising we are having phonics lessons! 


The Parent Portal is available by following the link below, where you will find tips and books available to read online.

Parent Portal (



Each week, one of our children receives a certificate. This is for exceptional work, being a good friend or just making the teachers say "Wow!" that week. As well as a certificate we get to take home one of our story sacks for the weekend to share with our families. These are full of stories, phonics and speech and language games and little props to have fun with all weekend.