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St Cuthbert's Catholic School

St Cuthbert's Catholic School

School Uniform

School Uniform


At St. Cuthbert's we try to support our parents by making our uniform as inexpensive as possible. Most of our school uniform is inexpensive and readily purchased from local shops. We do however have a Royal Blue sweatshirt with the school crest which is required (this helps with identification purposes, particularly on school trips). Sweatshirts with the school crest can be purchased from the school office, in addition to school fleeces, coats, P.E kits, P.E. kit bags and book bags. Payment must be made at the time of order.


The school uniform consists of:


  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school crest
  • White polo shirt
  • Grey skirt or grey school trousers
  • Grey Dresses and grey tights
  • Black school shoes (not trainers)


P.E. Kit


It is important that children wear the correct uniform for PE. This is because when anyone participates in physical exercise, they sweat. It is not hygienic for the same clothes to be then worn throughout the day and it is part of our duty to help children understand the importance of good hygiene. Wearing their P.E. kit also helps prepare children for later life, helping them understand that certain activities need special clothing to maintain performance, health and safety. The P.E. kit is the same for both boys and girls.


  • Royal blue t-shirt
  • Black trainers (outside) / black plimsolls (indoor)
  • Royal blue shorts
  • During the very cold months suitable jogging trousers can be worn.


P.E. items, including kit bags, are available for purchase at the school office


Name Labels


Please ensure children's names are clearly marked on all items of clothing. We cannot accept responsibility for the loss of personal property during P.E. nor compensate for loss or damage.

School Uniform Prices